Where and how do I find a metabolic balance® coach?

You can find a certified metabolic balance® Coach under “Find a Coach”. If there is no Coach near you please call +254 722 761 092 or email: shelina@metabolic-balance.com or info@metabolic-balance.com.

How is the metabolic balance® program prescribed?

First select your personal metabolic balance® Coach and he/she will supervise your participation through the 4 phases of the program. Your coach will compile your medical history and request blood testing by providing forms and instructions on how to do so. All blood results and data are gathered and analyzed at the metabolic balance® Institute where your personalized nutrition plan will be developed. Your plan is delivered to you – and together with your Coach you go over the steps required for reaching your ideal weight. Your metabolic balance® Coach will guide and support you through your program and is always available to answer any questions you have.

What are the four phases and how long are they?

There are four phases:
Phase 1 – The Preparation phase – Starts detoxification process and is key in preparing your metabolism for the next adjustment phases. Phase 1 is two days long.

Phase 2 – The Strict Adjustment phase – Requires a minimum of 14 days. During this period your metabolism will “switch on” and start adjusting toward a more balanced metabolism. You will lose several pounds and start to feel a renewed energy and increased vitality! This phase lays the foundation for your body’s new bio-rhythm and bio-chemistry leading to sustainable weight loss. You will be supported and closely monitored by your personal coach. You will have the option to remain on this phase until you have reached your desired goal.

Phase 3 – The Relaxed Adjustment phase – Allows you to start integrating additional foods into your daily meal plan. Your body’s new heightened sense of nutrition will allow you to instinctively know which foods are right for you and which are not. You may also enjoy on occasion a “cheat” meal or two, savor a glass of wine or a special treat. More importantly you will learn how to handle these special moments in a healthy manner. Your personal coach will continue to support you and monitor your progress.

Phase 4 – The Maintenance phase – Is the final phase and participants can stay on this phase for the rest of their lives. Maintaining your ideal weight is simplified by following a set of nutrition rules that you have already become accustomed and have come to appreciate. You can enjoy your newly discovered lifestyle to the fullest and possess the knowledge of how to maintain a healthy, invigorating and happy metabolic balance® way of living! Your success is our success!

May I also participate in the metabolic balance® program without coaching?

No. In order to participate you must have the support and guidance of a certified metabolic balance® Coach. Coaching is necessary and has proven to greatly increases your chances of success. Starting with your first consultation, the crucial elements of education, support, and accountability are emphasized. After all, if you do not know what you are doing, and why you are doing it, crucial elements are missing and your chances of success are diminished. Coaching provides these crucial elements. They have the specialized knowledge and experience to help you overcome obstacles and will prove to be a vital element in reaching your ideal weight.

I am on the move all day. Can I still participate?

Whether at the office or on the road, your personal metabolic balance® nutrition plan is very versatile. You can easily plan and organize your busy day along with your three daily meals. Being a little creative at home and on the road will lead you to some new foods and new combination of foods that you will enjoy! The practical knowledge you gain leads to a new appreciation of healthy foods and ability to select them whether at home or while eating out in restaurants. Your personal coach will help you in your planning and offer proven, practical tips throughout your program.

Why is it so important to observe the 5 hour intervals with no eating between your meals?

Your body needs this time in order to complete the digestion process and take appropriate time to rest. By pausing between your meals without eating your metabolism begins to burn unwanted fat within these 5 hours. Eating between these hours interrupts your metabolism and disrupt the “fat burning” process; therefore, you will not achieve the results you desire and need. Additionally, snacks eaten between your meals will actually cause feelings of hunger; hence, sabotaging your success. Please be consistent with the 5 hour resting rule and remember to drink plenty of clean pure water between your meals.

Do I always have to eat as I was recommended in the strict adjustment phase?

No. Once your metabolism has adjusted and you have reached your desired weight, you will graduate into phase 3 and then 4, the relaxed and the maintenance phase. Here you will begin adding in new foods and continue to maintain the success you have already achieved. By following eight basic rules, coupled with your increased knowledge and heightened sense of healthy foods, you will have the correct attitude and wisdom to select new foods and enjoy life to the fullest. If at any point you find yourself relapsing you simply revert to the strict adjustment phase to get yourself back into balance.

Must I eat only the foods listed in my nutrition plan?

Yes, especially during your phase two. Your personal nutrition plan is not a product of chance…it is developed with only you in mind and is unique as your fingerprint. It is a specific personal plan of nutrition. The selected foods support your metabolism providing you with the components which you have been deficient and lacking in the past. You need only to embrace some changes and new experiences. In addition, the recipes provided will assist you to become familiar with your new menu plan. In phases 3 and 4 you may begin adding some new foods and are encouraged to do so.

Do I have to follow the specified amounts exactly?

Yes, especially during phase 2 you should follow your plan exactly. Once you have reached your goal, you can discuss the possibility of easing up on the amounts with your personal metabolic balance® Coach.

Will I feel hungry during the strict phase and could the adjustment interfere with my energy levels?

During the first few days you may feel some slight hunger and loss of energy; however, it passes quickly and is replaced with a renewed vitality. If you feel tired during the first few days of strict adjustment, allow yourself and your body time to rest, drink plenty of water and retire early to bed. A good and peaceful nights sleep is key to a healthy metabolism. The foods on your personal plan are foods that will satisfy your hunger and keep you full till your next scheduled meal. You will discover a vital truth regarding a cause of hunger – that eating the wrong foods will actually increase your hunger cravings, and that the right foods will keep you satisfied. Due to the wholesome nutrient rich foods eaten during your three daily meals your body receives the necessary energy it needs to function and remain satisfied.

I am a strict vegetarian. Can I still participate in the metabolic balance® program?

If you do not eat any form of animal protein, eggs or dairy and live solely on fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes, then, unfortunately, you cannot participate in the metabolic balance® program. If you would like to receive more information on the medical science behind this you should read the book “metabolic balance®”.

May I participate in the metabolic balance® program if I want to improve my metabolism but not lose weight?

Yes! This will be taken into consideration during the development of your personal nutrition plan and adjustments made accordingly. Your health, fitness and vitality will benefit significantly. Your desires and goals should be discussed with your metabolic balance® Coach in you free consultation. He/she will be happy to assist you.

Common diets have had always some success in the short run – but it never lasted. Why should it be different with metabolic balance®?

Important to understand that metabolic balance® is not a normal diet in the traditional sense. It is a personal nutrition program that becomes a lifestyle when followed. Unlike diets you may have been on in the past, you are not required to take pills, supplements, shots, packaged foods, diet beverages, special shakes or count calories or points! Nor are you given a book to read and left alone to decipher your own path to weight loss. These “one diet for everyone” programs do not offer – in our opinion – a healthy solution and desirable long term weight loss results. More common they result in yo-yo dieting and crushed emotions.

First, metabolic balance® is 100% natural and uses only natural whole foods.
Secondly, your personal nutrition plan is unique to you, giving you the natural foods that are best for balancing your metabolism, hormones and optimizing your health. As no two peoples “fingerprints” are exactly alike, no two nutritional plans are exactly alike. YOUR PLAN is YOUR PLAN and it simply works.
Thirdly, when given the right foods you body develops the inner ability to intuitively desire more healthy, wholesome and nutritious foods resulting in your ability and to keep the weight off. You learn which foods are best for you and that make you feel great! Upon this positive experience and realization you want to continue in the “metabolic balance way.” Success breeds success!

Ultimately, what is the result of following a personalized metabolic balance® plan?

With your personalized plan you have all the tools necessary to lose unwanted fat, optimize your health and maintain your ideal weight. It is your personal road map for enduring and sustainable long term success; essentially, metabolic balance® becomes a positive influencing lifestyle.

What is the cost of the metabolic balance® program?

You can enquire about the costs for your participation with your metabolic balance® Coach.

The costs may vary in each region and include additional services by the individual Coach.

Who is not allowed to participate in the metabolic balance® program?

Pregnant women and nursing mothers can not participate in the program. Patients with severe renal or hepatic insufficiency are also excluded from participation. If you are under medical treatment because of your weight, or if you are taking physician prescribed medications for an illness, you should first consult with your doctor about participation in metabolic balance®.

If weight reduction is inadvisable due to illness or trauma, your doctor should decide on your participation in metabolic balance®. In such cases always consult with your physician prior to beginning a weight loss program.




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