What is DNA Testing?

    Nutrigenomics is a new scientific discipline that uses modern genomics     technology to study the relationship between genes, nutrition, health and   fitness. It has long been apparent that some people respond differently from  others to certain foods. A DNA test allows us to understand how our genes   affect the way we respond to the foods, beverages and supplements we consume.

Using a saliva sample, the DNA Test helps us optimize your diet to your genes in order to reduce your risk of certain health conditions and diseases. Each gene tested is significantly involved in the way your body processes or metabolizes a certain nutrient or dietary component. With that information, we know which foods and nutrients your body needs more – or less – of to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes.  I also provide a DNA test that can help you with regard to fertility and how to optimize your chances of conceiving.

Test result analysis gives appropriate recommendations and early warning to:

  • Diseases
  • Traits and talents
  • Response to fats
  • Important influences on your eating habits 
  • Vitamins  
  • The effectiveness of your metabolism
  • Sports and recreation in tune with your genes 

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I am a certified DNA Nutrigenomics practitioner and can provide you 2 different options when it comes to DNA testing, DNA Fit and Nutrigenomix.  I can help you become the best possible version of yourself. I promise a smarter, easier and more effective solution to health and fitness, entirely unique to your DNA profile.  Whatever your goal, with the help of one of the DNA tests I provide I will ensure you live a longer, happier and healthier life.

Please see the individual brochures on DNA Fit and Nutrigenomix.  Please call 0722761092 for more information and prices.

For more information cONTACT:

Shelina Mediratta
Metabolic Balance License Holder East Africa
Certified authorized DNA Fit & Nutrigenomix Practitioner

Contact: shelina@shelinamediratta.com

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